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Christ Fellowship volunteers work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the kingdom for Christ. Find out more about ways to serve below. Find out your spiritual gifts if you are unsure where you would like to serve.

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Deaf Interpreter (Palmetto Bay Only)

These volunteers use their fluency in American Sign Language to make all elements of the service accessible to the hearing impaired, from worship all the way to the closing announcements and prayer.

Hospitality (Palmetto Bay Only)

This team replenishes the many artists at CF. These hospitable volunteers work together to care for and serve the volunteer musicians and technicians that serve long hours over the weekend services.

Instrumentalist (Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, Drums, Etc)

This team of hard-working volunteers makes the worship experience possible by lending their musical talents on the weekends. They prepare their music at home, show up to practice, and arrive at the worship center way before anyone else for the final sound mixing and run-through.

Stage Design

The members of this creative team have talents that range from being pros with power tools to having the endless imagination of Walt Disney. These volunteers work to make the CF worship environment look amazing and reflect the creativity of God.


These songbirds are the face of the worship experience at CF. From the stage, they welcome the members and visitors of CF before leading everyone in worship. Just like the musicians, vocalists are first to arrive at the worship center for the final sound mixing and run-through.

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