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Christ Fellowship volunteers work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the kingdom for Christ. Find out more about ways to serve below. Find out your spiritual gifts if you are unsure where you would like to serve.

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During this special moment in the life of believers, this team of volunteers steps up to help them prepare for their baptism, from assisting them with the baptismal robes to getting in and out of the baptismal pool.

Building & Grounds (Downtown, Redland, Palmetto Bay)

This team of hard-working volunteers keep our Downtown, Redland & Palmetto Bay campuses looking beautiful, from pulling up weeds to laying down a new paint job.

CF Café (Palmetto Bay Only)

Coffee and kindness are the words that best describe this team of volunteers that offer their time to set up, tear down, and/or serve warm, caffeinated beverages to the CF family during and after services.

Data Entry

These efficient volunteers help out with inputting various data into the CF system, including information found on the Connection Cards.

First Aid

This team of heroes is the first to respond to medical emergencies throughout the campus. Those with formal medical/first aid training such as MD's, RN's, and EMT's are preferred.


These volunteers love to host and help out at CF special events, specifically those that involve a meal. They set up and maintain an inviting atmosphere, serve refreshments, and help clean and organize the kitchen when the event is over.

Lord's Supper

Approximately every two months, CF celebrates the Lord's Supper. This volunteer team comes together to prepare the elements for this celebration, organizing the crackers and juice in trays to be distributed by the ushers at each service.

Office Volunteer

These helpful volunteers bustle around the office, offering assistance and performing various clerical duties as needed. They prepare the worship folders on Fridays, serve as receptionists for the weekend and also assist with cleaning and organizing.


This essential team of volunteers is the first to respond to disturbances or disruptions in the Worship Center in order to protect those attending services. Experience and/or training in law enforcement or the military or martial arts skills are strongly desired.

Setup Team (Coral Gables, Miami Springs, West Kendall)

Hustling is what this team is known for. They arrive earlier than everyone else to set up the facility for weekend services at the Coral Gables, Miami Springs and West Kendall campuses.

Teardown Team (Coral Gables, Miami Springs, West Kendall)

Just as efficient as the Setup Team, these volunteers quickly put away and clean up the facility at the Coral Gables, Miami Springs and West Kendall campuses. By the time this team is through with their work, one would never know CF was even there, well, other than the smiling faces found in the parking lot.

Worship Center Preparation (Downtown, Redland, Palmetto Bay)

This group of efficient volunteers get the worship center ready for each service, from picking up stray trash to sharpening pencils to roping off sections of the seating area.

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