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Small Groups

Christ Fellowship volunteers work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the kingdom for Christ. Find out more about ways to serve below. Find out your spiritual gifts if you are unsure where you would like to serve.

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Small Groups

Part of our vision here at Christ Fellowship is connecting people to others, which is done through our Small Groups. We believe that in Small Groups lives are transformed and genuine relationships are formed. We are looking for passionate people who want to be part of this vision.

There are two requirements:

  • Be a regular attender at a Christ Fellowship campus.
  • Be part of a Small Group.

If you meet both of these requirements, please fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Administrative Help

This team volunteers their free time to help with calling those interested in joining a small group, writing letters to other volunteers, and performing other clerical duties as needed by the Small Groups Staff. They fill the gap when needed and have a cheerful willingness that goes along with anything they do.


These shepherds would make King David proud. They encourage and spiritually mentor small group leaders, ensuring that their small groups are healthy and growing.

Decision Friends

Bringing people to Christ is what drives this group of volunteers. During an alter call, they will stand by to pray with those who just received Christ and talk to them about the amazing decision they just made, as well as their next steps.


Small groups are essential for connecting with others and growing in Christ. These volunteers are at the front lines of that, hosting a small group, leading discussion, and investing in its members with time and prayer.


This team of volunteers is characterized by their passion for helping others break free of addiction and other dysfunctional behaviors that hinder them from reaching their full potential and purpose. These volunteers are quick to show the redeeming power of Christ’s love to those who need it most.

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