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Guest Services

Christ Fellowship volunteers work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the kingdom for Christ. Find out more about ways to serve below. Find out your spiritual gifts if you are unsure where you would like to serve.

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Guest Services

Administrative Help (Weekdays)

This team volunteers their free time to help with outgoing calls, writing letters, and performing other clerical duties as needed by the Guest Services Staff. They fill the gap when needed and have a cheerful willingness that goes along with anything they do.


These baristas are ready to put a pep in the step of the CF community. They arrive prior to each weekend service to set up and prepare coffee and espresso, as well as serve their caffeinated creations with a smile.


This team is on the front lines of creating the friendly environment CF is known for, making each and every person feel welcomed. They sport their best smiles and often hand out listening guides prior to each service.

Guest & Info Center

Helping newcomers get connected is the prime objective of this team of volunteers. They answer questions, provide directions, and make connections to those who are best suited to meet the guest’s needs.

Guest Reception

The hearts of these volunteers lie in making each and every guest feel welcomed, often with a smile, a handshake and personable conversation.

NASCART (Palmetto Bay)

Volunteers, start your engines! This team operates the carts that drop off and pick up those who park in the farther areas of the church lot.

Tour Guide

These personable volunteers give guests the backlot tour of CF, putting different ministries on display, as well as services available to the church community.


These masters of the parking lot make it look easy. They help guide vehicles in the parking lot so that each available space is filled and everyone has a place to park. They help people back out and navigate the parking lots safely, especially during peak hours and special events.


From passing out offering baskets to helping seat latecomers, these volunteers comb the aisles throughout different parts of the service. They greet those that walk into the worship center and bid farewell as they depart at the end of the service.

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