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Christ Fellowship volunteers work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the kingdom for Christ. Find out more about ways to serve below. Find out your spiritual gifts if you are unsure where you would like to serve.

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FIU College Ministry: Guest Services Greeter

This team is on the front lines of creating the friendly environment FIU is known for, making each and every person feel welcomed. They sport their best smiles and often hand out listening guides prior to each service.

FIU College Ministry: Guest Services Usher

From passing out offering baskets to helping seat latecomers, these volunteers comb the aisles throughout different parts of the service. They greet those that walk into the worship center and wave goodbye to them as they depart at the end of the service.

FIU College Ministry: Production Audio Engineering

Sound check! 1-2-3! These sultans of the soundboard make sure that every mic and instrument are in sync - and not screeching with feedback.

FIU College Ministry: Production Stage Lighting

This team lights up our world…literally. They fill the stage with lighting effects that complete the worship experience. From dimming the houselights to creating different effects that enhance the images on the screen, these volunteers are the leaders of the lighting board.

FIU College Ministry: Production Video & Graphics

Whether it’s the lyrics that seamlessly flow throughout worship or the announcement slides that are splashed up behind the campus pastor, this team is responsible for it all, helping to create a complete visual experience.

FIU College Ministry: Set Up Team

Hustling is what this team is known for. They arrive at 5 p.m. to set up the facility for our Sunday night service. They unload the box truck, set up the stage, and help make the environment awesome.

FIU College Ministry: Small Group Leader

Small groups are essential for connecting with others and growing in Christ. These volunteers are at the front lines of that, hosting a small group, leading discussion, and investing in its members with time and prayer.

FIU College Ministry: Tear Down Team

Just as efficient as the Setup Team, these volunteers quickly put away and clean up the facility right after service. By the time this team is through with their work, one would never know FIU was even there, well, other than the smiling faces found in the parking lot.

FIU College Ministry: Worship Instrumentalist

This team of hard-working volunteers makes the worship experience possible by lending their musical talents on the weekends. They prepare their music at home, show up to practice, and arrive at the worship center way before anyone else for the final sound mixing and run-through.

FIU College Ministry: Worship Vocalist

These songbirds are the face of the worship experience at FIU. From the stage, they welcome the members and visitors of FIU before leading everyone in worship. Just like the musicians, vocalists are first to arrive at the worship center for the final sound mixing and run-through.

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